Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


Folder Life Applications

These are 19 different applications of the main teachings to specific issueswhere the rubber meets the road in daily life. (Follow the photo link to the website section of articles.)

Where the Rubber Meets the Road





pdf A Challenge to Go All Out Popular

By 941 downloads

Download (pdf, 166 KB)

LA17.A Challenge to Go All Out.pdf

 A Challenge to Go All Out

pdf An Offer You Can't Refuse Popular

By 916 downloads

Download (pdf, 195 KB)

LA18.An Offer You Can't Refuse.pdf

An Offer You Can't Refuse

pdf Contrasting the Head and Heart Popular

By 2060 downloads

Download (pdf, 133 KB)

LA4.Contrasting the Head and Heart.pdf

Contrasting Head and Heart

pdf Conviction versus Condemnation Popular

By 2115 downloads

Download (pdf, 164 KB)

LA6.Conviction Versus Condemnation.pdf

Conviction vs Condemnation

pdf Discerning Between the Flesh and Spirits Popular

By 1835 downloads

Download (pdf, 130 KB)

LA7.Discerning Between the Flesh and Spirit.pdf

Discerning Between Flesh and Spirits

pdf Exploring the Spiritual Landscape Popular

By 1837 downloads

Download (pdf, 160 KB)

LA5.Exploring the Spiritual Landscape.pdf

Exploring Spiritual Landscapes

pdf False Burden Bearing Popular

By 1052 downloads

Download (pdf, 176 KB)

LA19.False Burden Bearing.pdf

False Burden Bearing

pdf Forgiveness is NOT an Option Popular

By 1841 downloads

Download (pdf, 284 KB)

LA8.Forgiveness is NOT an Option.pdf

Forgiveness Is Not Optional

pdf Good Grief Popular

By 986 downloads

Download (pdf, 130 KB)

LA13.Good Grief.pdf

Good Grief

pdf Hope for Hopeless Situations Popular

By 1064 downloads

Download (pdf, 230 KB)

LA12.Hope for Hopeless Situations.pdf

Hope for Hopeless Situations

pdf How to Retain Healing and Deliverance Popular

By 1931 downloads

Download (pdf, 254 KB)

LA3.How to Retain Healing and Deliverance.pdf

Retaining Healing and Deliverance

pdf Inner Vows and Bitter Root Judgments Popular

By 1982 downloads

Download (pdf, 278 KB)

LA9.Inner Vows and Bitter Root Judgments.pdf

Inner Vows and Bitter Judgments

pdf Negative Emotions Popular

By 2165 downloads

Download (pdf, 196 KB)

LA1.Negative Emotions-2 pages.pdf

Negative Emotions

pdf Reconciliation with Others Popular

By 1022 downloads

Download (pdf, 168 KB)

LA14.Reconciliation with Others.pdf

Reconciliation with Others

pdf Reconciliation with Others-Short Form Popular

By 1783 downloads

Download (pdf, 142 KB)

LA15.Reconciliation with Others--Short Form.pdf


pdf The Disciple's Cross Popular

By 1834 downloads

Download (pdf, 237 KB)

LA2.The Disciple's Cross-2 pages.pdf

The Disciple's Cross

pdf The Journey Forward Popular

By 1085 downloads

Download (pdf, 157 KB)

LA16.The Journey Forward.pdf

The Journey Forward

pdf The Snare of Introspection Popular

By 1066 downloads

Download (pdf, 197 KB)

LA10.The Snare of Introspection.pdf

The Snare of Introspection

pdf Twelve Steps to Praying Through Popular

By 1048 downloads

Download (pdf, 160 KB)

LA11.Twelve Steps to Praying Through.pdf

Praying through to Peace

The River of Peace

The River of Peace
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