Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


Folder Main Healing Lessons - Workbook Chapters

Use these for your personal study or share with your friends! These are the 24 main lessons in our eCourse and workbook, Matters of the Heart. Each chapter is 6 pages long for ease of two-sided printing for class or study group situations. However, if you wish to save paper you may want to download the " Folder Main Healing Lessons - Teacher's Handouts " which have been condensed to two pages for printing front to back as one page handouts.

Please feel free to make copies and share these teachingswe want to see believers everywhere set free! Of course, if you prefer to have the entire workbook with all the extras assembled by us, then visit the Store to purchase a download or hard copy. (If you haven't yet taken our free eCourse for Healing, follow the link below for transformation and liberation.)

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pdf 1. The Spiritual Roots of Disease - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 1.The Spiritual Roots of Disease-Workbook Chapter.pdf

Medical science has conclusively demonstrated that emotional stress is a root issue for most of our diseases. Living in the peace of Christ is the antidote for emotional stress. This medical insight is a wakeup call to everyone in the Body of Christ.

The Spiritual Roots of Disease

pdf 10. The Father's Heart of Love - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 10.The Father's Heart of Love-Workbook Chapter.pdf

We become like the image we bear—the image carried deep inside. For many of us the Father's image has been distorted by Adam’s nature, earthly parents, and misguided church teachings. Jesus came to reveal what the Father is really like.

The Father's Heart

pdf 11. Spiritual Strongholds - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 11.Strongholds-Workbook Chapter.pdf

Our flesh has been crucified with Christ, but habitual past agreements with negative emotions and wrong beliefs built up strongholds in our flesh that now resist the Spirit-given life of grace. Such strongholds have to be brought down!

Spiritual Strongholds

pdf 12. Reversing the Curse - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 12.Reversing the Curse-Workbook Chapter.pdf

The first stronghold that any child encounters are those sins and their consequences that are coming down through the generations which comprise their family system. Learn to recognize and fall out of agreement with all sinful patterns.

Generational Sin

pdf 13. The Power of Believing - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 13.The Power of Believing-Workbook Chapter.pdf

We believe, but often we are captured by unbelief in ways that we don’t recognize and therefore cannot resist. The scriptures promise joy and peace—real victory over the negative emotions—to those who believe with an "activated" faith.

The Power of Active Faith

pdf 14. Discerning the Enemy - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 14.Discerning the Enemy-Workbook Chapter.pdf

Convincing accusations from an unseen enemy grow areas of separation from God, self, and others which are the root issues of our emotional distress, as well as our diseases. Learn to recognize the voice of the accuser, and live free.

Discerning the Enemy: Accusations

pdf 15. Freedom through Forgiving - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 15.Freedom through Forgiving-Workbook Chapter.pdf

This powerful stronghold is not only a great obstacle to prayer and spiritual growth, it also contributes to many stress-related diseases. Here are 5 motivations and 10 steps of forgiveness that really work for those who are willing to work them.

Freedom through Forgiving

pdf 16. Mending the Broken Heart - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 16.Mending the Broken Heart-Workbook Chapter.pdf

The truth about abuse and trauma is that Jesus has come to heal the brokenhearted and that all emotional wounds can be mended by Him. There are 5 main ways the Lord works to mend our hearts. All of them require our cooperation.

Mending the Broken Heart: Trauma and abuse

pdf 17. Accepted in the Beloved - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 17.Accepted in the Beloved-Workbook Chapter.pdf

Feelings of rejection by others are among the most painful and damaging emotions we can experience. The Lord’s antidote is to help us shift our hearts from seeking the approval of man to discovering and resting in the perfect love of God.

Accepted in the Beloved

pdf 18. Love Thyself! - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 18.Love Thyself!-Workbook Chapter.pdf

Crossing the hurdle of self-acceptance into emotional maturity is a huge obstacle for many. Because Jesus commands us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, we have God’s permission to rightly love ourselves. Here's how to do it!

Love Thyself

pdf 19. Godly Contentment - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 19.Godly Contentment-Workbook Chapter.pdf

Since this stronghold began growing out of a sense of “getting less than others” (or what we imagined we deserved or needed), God’s antidote is for us to grow a great trust that our loving Father is a perfect provider of all that we really need.

Godly Contentment vs Envy and Jealousy

pdf 2. Truth or Consequences - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 2.Truth or Consequences-Workbook Chapter.pdf

If most negative emotions are also sinful conditions of the heart, where is God in this? What is His attitude towards us, if unrighteousness is such a common thing as emotional stress? And how is a thoroughly loving God correcting the world?

Truth or Consequences

pdf 20. Exposing the Darkness - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 20.Exposing the Darkness-Workbook Chapter.pdf

The enemy’s kingdom thrives on what is hidden in the dark. The occult realm has to do with forbidden means of predicting the future, of contacting the dead, and of accessing spiritual power. Learn to recognize it and avoid it at all costs!

Exposing the Darkness: the Occult Realm

pdf 21. Fear Not! - Chapter Popular

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Download (pdf, 644 KB)

CHAP 21.Fear Not!-Workbook Chapter.pdf

Fear is a giant seeking to block entry to the peace and joy of the kingdom and to the pursuit of our high calling and assignments. Learn how to recognize and overcome fear, so that you, too, can enjoy the abundant life we have been promised.

Fear Not

pdf 22. No More Idols! - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 22.No More Idols!-Workbook Chapter.pdf

Addicts are not a special class of people. Anything in our life that is not of God (consider the emotional strongholds) and that we cannot just say no to, needs to be overcome. Addictive stongholds are held in place by three powerful lies.

No More Idols - Addiction Recovery

pdf 23. Spiritual Warfare 101 - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 23.Spiritual Warfare 101-Workbook Chapter.pdf

We have been issued hearts the way recruits in boot camp are issued rifles, but unless we learn how to keep them clean and well-guarded, our hearts can become a weapon in the enemy’s hand that is used against God, self and others. Be on guard!

Spiritual Warfare 101

pdf 24. Walking in the Spirit - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 24.Walking in the Spirit-Workbook Chapter.pdf

The point of getting free of the strongholds that resist the Spirit-given life of grace is not to get free and then walk away. We have been set free to live in greater union with Jesus through His Spirit. This new creation life works by grace and guidance.

Walking in the Spirit

pdf 3. Keys to the Kingdom - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 3.Keys to the Kingdom-Workbook Chapter.pdf

Jesus gives us "keys" to the Kingdom of God on earth. What is the Kingdom? What is living in it like—especially in terms of the emotional life? How do we get locked out—so that we need keys to regain access? Here are 4 of the main keys...

Keys to the Kingdom

pdf 4. Kingdoms in Conflict - Chapter Popular

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CHAP 4.Kingdoms in Conflict-Workbook Chapter.pdf

The Kingdom of God is opposed by yet another invisible realm—the kingdom of darkness, ruled over by Satan and his demons. What are evil spirits and how do they have influence over us? How can we get free of their nefarious interference?

Kingdoms in Conflict

pdf 5. Separation from Sin - Chapter Popular

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Download (pdf, 482 KB)

CHAP 5.Separation from Sin-Workbook Chapter.pdf

How does God see us? If the struggle of the two kingdoms is a deeply rooted, often shifting tug of war going on in our emotional life, what is Father God’s attitude toward us especially when the enemy seems to be getting the upper hand?

Separation from Sin

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