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Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


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Exercise for Lesson 17

Accepted in the Beloved: Head to Heart Guide

Learning to recognize how rejection impacts us needs to go hand in hand with realizing that it is a lie that we took too much to heart and believed in to our own hurt.

As you go down the check list, rejoice that rejection is not true about you (from heaven's perspective), even if you still feel that it is. Fall out of agreement with past patterns and past beliefs. God will work with you to help your feelings change as you work with Him to change your beliefs!

Have you believed these lies? They all come from a spirit of rejection! Renounce them!

___ Feeling like you cannot get over what people have said about you or to you.

___ Feeling like you will never be able to measure up or be good enough.

___ Feeling that no one loves you, no one really cares, not even God.

___ Feeling like you don't belong in any group, or that you are less than human.

___ Feeling that no one can love you, or that even you can't love yourself.

Have you noticed these behaviors? They came from fearing rejection. Reject them!

___ Being afraid to look other people in the eyes; holding your head down.

___ Avoiding people, preferring to be alone, constantly finding fault with others.

___ Excessive introspection, excessive attention to your words and appearance.

___ Never letting anyone get too close; wanting attention, but easily embarrassed by it.

___"Branding" yourself through physical appearance to feel unique and special.

Dr. Henry W. Wright of Be In Health® teaches that a spirit of rejection comes equipped with a "scrambler" which twists what people say or do to make it seem like you are being rejected even when you aren't.[1] That "scrambling" is not really coming from you, but from the spirit of rejection that you are entertaining.

Good communication usually defeats the "scrambler". However, excessive feelings of shame or self-defensiveness won’t allow you to clarify through honest and open communication what the other person really meant or intended.  Because of fear or hurt you may find yourself going immediately into anger and rejection of self or rejection of the other person. As long as the "scrambler" can deceive you, it can snare you and keep you in turmoil. Fortunately, being aware of this pattern will help you guard against it as you pray and seek God to overcome it.

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[1]  Teaching and insights about "the scrambler" from Be In Health® teaching and materials, Dr. Henry W. Wright, Thomaston, Georgia, seminar notes, October 2000.

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