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Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


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Meditations on Lesson 17

Accepted in the Beloved: Head to Heart Guide

Consider these ten possible sources of rejection in childhood. Is it any wonder that so many people have had to develop some kind of coping strategy to deal with the pain?[1]

Growing up without a father's love
Generational patterns
Coming from an unwanted pregnancy
Undesired gender at birth
Child of adoption
Child of unmarried parents
Competition for love of parents
Divorce/blended families
Death of a parent when a child is young
Verbal, sexual, or physical abuse


Now, think back over the coping strategies cited in the lesson: withdrawal, anger and hatred, false identity, and perfectionism. What are the drawbacks to each one? Why don't they work? How do they hurt us? What are the reasons why we keep using such failed strategies? In addition to the prayer steps (repentance of carrying rejection and confession of the truth about our total acceptance), what practical steps could help break these habits?

Do the four as have any applicability in your life?: "Because of a lack of Affection, I sought Achievements in order to gain Approval so that I could feel Accepted." Repeat this faith statement as a prayer: "I can finally rest secure in the Father's unending affection for me and His acceptance of me."

Watch this short video about rejection on our YouTube channel.

Chopped Liver
     Feeling rejected can be very lonely
     --unless you get interrupted by God!


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[1]  Sources of rejection list is modified from Be In Health® teaching and materials, Dr. Henry W. Wright, Thomaston, Georgia, seminar notes, October 2000.

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