eCourse for Healing
Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


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Exercise for Lesson 18

Love Thyself: Head to Heart Guide

Write down your "victim" story - all of the worst things you wish had never happened to you by other's sins or your own. Make it as bad and bleak as you can, but be succinct! File stuff by title or you will need many more pages. Be sure to write down the things that the enemy gets you to agree with when you hit the end of your rope and your self-talk is at its worst. Then recognize the source as demonic and break all agreements with this ungodly thinking.



Now write down your "responsibility" proclamation! You can take 100% responsibility for what is going on, because even the part that belongs to the others in the past, you have been building on ever since. Those events were the "raw material" , but you have been the builder. Then tell the truth with prophetic declaration. Shout it out if you need to: This is a battle for your soul's orientation.

Will you see yourself as you are really are, a person with all of the resources and love of heaven surrounding you (as an overcomer), or will you stay dispossessed and un-empowered (as a victim) - living way below your true inheritance in Christ?



Here is a sample proclamation from Lance Wallnau.[1]

The truth is I'm an anointed spiritual (man or woman) whom God has assigned with an uncommon assignment and supernatural favor to learn things in the crucible of life so that I come out sharper, stronger, more equipped and better. I've got promises over my life that right now are working for me and years of sowing that right now are paying off. I am closer to the breakthrough I need than I have ever been before. This will be the best year of my life.


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[1]  Lance Wallnau (see, Killer Sheep Marketing, seminar notes on the exercise and the final quotation: MorningStar Ministries Conference, Charlotte, NC, January 2009.

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