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Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


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Exercise for Lesson 20

Exposing the Darkness: Head to Heart Guide

Consider carefully these questions to prompt your recall of any possible trespasses into occult territory.[1] Then take what you discern into the Prayer Focus and Renunciations sections.

1) Divination (seeking knowledge especially of the future from forbidden sources): Have you ever had your fortune told, followed your horoscope, had a tarot card reading, played with a Ouija board, consulted a medium or numerologist, or engaged in automatic handwriting?

2) Spiritualism (seeking contact with the forbidden spiritual realm, including the dead): Have you ever attended a seance, practiced Transcendental Meditation or Yoga to enter an "altered state", been involved with mind-control, ESP or hypnotism, communicated with apparitions that were not of God, or worshipped at a pagan shrine or temple?

3) Witchcraft (seeking power from forbidden sources): Have you ever been involved in casting spells, practiced white or black magic, used voodoo, sought healing from a spiritualist, shaman or witch doctor, used a charm or amulet for protection or good luck, studied books on the occult with a view to use, practiced table-lifting, levitation or astral travel?

4) Devil worship (Satanism and false religions): Have you ever attended or belonged to a coven, attended a Black Mass, made a promise or pact or blood covenant with Satan, been a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), or attended witchcraft or voodoo services, or worshipped the gods of false religions or New Age gods?

5) Contact with objects (by ones own initiative or that of others): Do you have objects or books in your possession that have associations with the occult?

6) Membership and relationships (we receive generationally and sexually from others): Have you, an ancestor or an intimate in sexual relationship been a member of the Masons (including all of its branches) or other cults (such as Christian Science, Scientology, Mormons, Rosicrucianism, etc.), or been involved with witchcraft, pagan religions, or the occult?

7) Activities (ones that may lead to oppression by the occult spirits): Have you ever been bound to substance addiction, sexual sins including pornography, drug trips, "hard rock" music, read or viewed comics, books and movies with demonic content, played games of an occult nature, believed in superstitions or been fascinated with the "dark side"?


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[1]  Modified from a list by Christian Healing Ministries, Jacksonville, FL, website download, 2009.

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