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diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


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Renunciations and Affirmations for Lesson 20

Exposing the Darkness: Head to Heart Guide

        Renounce any agreements with untruth; believe Jesus’ truth as your new way of life. (John 14:6) [1]

Take your time with these renunciations. They may not all apply to you; on the other hand, you may simply be unaware of their operation - the enemy loves to work 'under the radar' of our conscious awareness and resistance. Being intentional before God with these confessions and renunciations puts them 'under the Blood' and enlists the Lord's help in cleansing you of them. It also undercuts any legal right the enemy may have been claiming to keep these patterns in place. If you sense any resistance, command the spirit (its name would match the specific renunciation) to leave 'in the Name of Jesus!' Do not, however, expect that the enemy will no longer test you in these areas; just the opposite may occur for a season as the Lord works to establish you in resisting these patterns.

Father, I renounce these occult practices in the generations of my fathers and I repent of having walked in them myself.  I repent of my own involvement with or contact with _____.  Forgive me and break its power over me and off my generations.

American Indian ceremonies, cultic items
Angel worship
Apparitions, ghosts, poltergeists
Astral projection, aura reading
Astrology, horoscopes, zodiac signs
Buddhism: Zen and other forms
Cartoons, comics, movies, video games with
     demonic content: horror, porn, violence
Chanting, mantras, incantations
Charms: horseshoes, rabbit's foot
Christian Science teachings (Mary Baker Eddy)
Clairvoyance, clairaudience, mental telepathy,
Conjuration, channeling, mediums
Crystal balls, crystals
Cultural pagan ceremonies
Course of Miracles, Unity Church teachings
Divination: tarot, fortune telling, tealeaf 
     reading, handwriting analysis, palm reading,
     I Ching, numerology, false prophecy, Kabala
Drug trips, recreational drugs, alcohol abuse
Familiar spirits: necromancy, seances, table
     tapping, mediums (Edgar Cayce, etc.)
Fetishes, power objects
Hinduism, gurus, Eastern philosophies
False prophets (Jeanne Dixon, Nostradamus)
Hypnotism, self-hypnotism
Islam, Black Moslem teachings
Jehovah's Witness, Watchtower teachings
KKK, racism
Magic: white, black, stage magic*
Martial arts* (Tai chi, karate, judo, yoga,
     kungfu, aikido, tai kwan do)
Masons, Shriners, Eastern Star, Rainbow Girls,
New Age thinking, symbols
Occult music, books, demonic rock music
OuijiTM boards
Pagan religions
Psychic reading, psychic portraits
Satanism, Satan worship
Science fiction addiction: UFO's*, aliens*
Scientology (Dianetics; L. Ron Hubbard)
Secret brotherhoods, blood oaths
Sorcery, pharmakia* (excessive dependence)
Spiritism, spirit guides
Statues of idols: including idolization of artists,
     sports heroes and movie stars
Superstitions: fear of black cats, wishing on a
     star, walking under ladders, Friday the 13th
Unitarian teachings
Wart charming
Water-witching, geomancy
Wicca, witchcraft, spells, warlocks, witches
Witchcraft/rebellion in the home or church:
     Jezebel, Ahab, and Saul spirits
     control and manipulation (rebellion) 
     matriarchal and patriarchal witchcraft

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[1]  Renunciation list is modified from Be In Health® teaching and materials, Dr. Henry W. Wright, Thomaston, Georgia, seminar notes, October 2000.

*An asterisk denotes a "grey area" of legitimate disagreement among Christians: see Digging Deeper

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