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Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


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Meditations on Lesson 9

Our New Identity: Head to Heart Guide

Identity theft has become a huge financial problem in our day, but there has always been a thief at work who seeks to steal from all of us our true identity.

1) Name the movies and books you have enjoyed that deal with identity issues. For starters: The Bourne Identity, Catcher in the Rye, The Matrix, etc. Why was identity so important to the story and how was it resolved/not resolved by the end? Why is your true identity important to you? Has it been resolved yet - to your entire satisfaction?

2) Now consider movie stars and pop singers. How does the search for identity play out in the media? Do the "stars" seem to have their own true personalities or are they crafting images to cultivate a fan base? Where do they seem to go to get the image they may be promoting?

3) Where have you been going to get yours? Honestly reflect upon the ways in which you may be taking on the "protective coloration" of views, styles, appearances that are popular.

4) Then ask the Lord to free you from any "false impressions" so that His true imprint may emerge through your own unique God-given personality.

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