eCourse for Healing
Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


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Main Healing Lessons

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     Working Out With Truth: Main Healing Lessons Part 2  

Foundational Issues

These initial lessons lay the groundwork for a whole new way of living with our emotional life, a way that the gospel makes possible.  Use these exercises and extra insights to help your heart and mind shift from the old ways of living defeated by the flesh. They work—if you work them!

Heart Guide 1: The Spiritual Roots of Disease Part 2      
Understanding the mind-body connection

Heart Guide 2: Truth or Consequences Part 2            
Understanding God's justice system

Heart Guide 3: Keys to the Kingdom Part 2  
Understanding God's provision for your liberation

Heart Guide 4: Kingdoms in Conflict Part 2  
Understanding the battle for your soul          

Heart Guide 5: Separation from Sin Part 2
Understanding how your Father sees you

Heart Guide 6: Pathway of Temptation Part 2
Understanding how the problem comes in

Heart Guide 7: Recognize and Replace! Part 2
Understanding the way of return

Image Bearing

These crucial lessons provide the key to freedom as a new creation of the Lord--by learning to guard the powerful images our hearts carry of who our God is and who we are in Him. Use these exercises and extra insights to help you root out false images and plant healthy new ones.

Heart Guide 8: Beholding the True Image Part 2        
Exploring the grace-filled way of transformation

Heart Guide 9: Our New Identity Part 2
Exploring who we are as new creations

Heart Guide 10: The Father's Heart of Love Part 2
Exploring what our Father God is really like

Overcoming Strongholds

Are you ready to fight to take your life back from the grip of negative emotions? Let these exercises and extra insights give you "tools" for tearing down strongholds of the flesh that have bound or hindered your life.

Heart Guide 11: Spiritual Strongholds Part 2
Overcoming strongholds of the flesh
Heart Guide 12: Reversing the Curse Part 2
Overcoming generational patterns and consequences   
Heart Guide 13: The Power of Believing Part 2
Overcoming the stronghold of unbelief

Heart Guide 14: Discerning the Enemy Part 2
Overcoming the stronghold of accusation

Heart Guide 15: Freedom through Forgiving Part 2
Overcoming the stronghold of bitterness

Heart Guide 16: Mending the Broken Heart Part 2
Overcoming strongholds caused by trauma

Heart Guide 17: Accepted in the Beloved Part 2
Overcoming the stronghold of rejection

Heart Guide 18: Love Thyself! Part 2
Overcoming the stronghold of self-rejection

Heart Guide 19: Godly Contentment Part 2
Overcoming the stronghold of envy and jealousy

Heart Guide 20: Exposing the Darkness Part 2
Overcoming occult interference and oppression

Heart Guide 21: Fear Not! Part 2
Overcoming the stronghold of fear and anxiety

Heart Guide 22: No More Idols! Part 2
Overcoming the stronghold of addictions and compulsions

The Journey Forward

As we become "unstuck" and our lives begin to move forward with renewed freedom, we quickly discover that there is a battle around trust and another around guidance. By learning how to guard our hearts, we can experience new life in Christ as if we were floating in a river of peace or riding on the wings of the wind--in the times inbetween the battles! These exercise and extra insights will help you get traction on the road ahead.

Heart Guide 23: Spiritual Warfare 101 Part 2
Learning to live entirely surrendered to the Lord--the battle of life.

Heart Guide 24: Walking in the Spirit Part 2
Learning to live gracefully guided by the Lord--the dance of life!

The River of Peace

The River of Peace
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