• Is Total Healing Possible?

    Is Total Healing Possible?

    Our God wants to cleanse and heal us totally. Whether it was due to our own sins or the sins of the fallen world around us, whether we are broken in body, soul or spirit, God wants us healed! Read More
  • Practical Truths for Daily Life

    Practical Truths for Daily Life

    This is where "the rubber meets the road" with practical applications of gospel truth to the conditions of daily life. These teachings companion the lessons set forth in our free eCourse for spiritual growth and emotional transformation. Read More
  • Take Our Free eCourse for Healing

    Take Our Free eCourse for Healing

    Learn how to recover from past emotional damage and discover the Lord's way for gaining mastery over your emotional state in present situations. Your life in Christ can become a River of Peace! Read More
  • From Recovery
to Mastery

    From Recovery to Mastery

    To stay in Christ's peace we have to first learn how to get recovery over past issues that wounded us; then, we can use these same "tools" to gain mastery over our emotions in the present. Read More
  • Three Paths to Healing

    Three Paths to Healing

    Just as we have three parts to our nature--body, soul and spirit--so too we have three paths to healing. We can go to God through prayer, go to doctors and seek the healing of our heart that mends our bodies. Read More
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Healing Essentials

The Mind Body Connection

Emotional Transformation Is the Key!
Modern medical science has been demonstrating that most of our diseases are coming from emotional stress. This means that if we could deal effectively with the root issues of our emotional life, we would recover from our emotional damage AND our bodies would recover health. This is exactly what happens!
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Overcoming Emotional Strongholds

  • Fear Not! (Anxiety)
  • Accepted in the Beloved (Rejection)
  • Love Thyself! (Self-Hatred)
  • The Power of Believing (Depression)
  • Discerning the Enemy (Shame)
  • Freedom through Forgiving (Bitterness)
  • Recovery from Abuse and Trauma
  • Finding Contentment (Envy and Jealousy)
  • No More Idols! (Addictions)
Healing Seminar

Matters of the Heart

Bring your heart to God and receive His Heart for you
These 24 healing lessons will lead you on a journey of understanding your own heart and how to guard it God's way. Each one is filled with "field tested" tools for experiencing greater freedom and joy. Your life in Christ can become a River of Peace!
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Truth Heals Us

Just as Jesus said, His truth has the power to "set us free" This covers everything! Learning how to believe the right truth of God FULLY, will set your heart free of any past pain and release you to live in His Spirit with wings of faith. Amazingly, this also enables our bodies to heal due to freeing them from the burden of emotional stress.

You don't have to get sick to get well!
Many people don't have diseases that need healing - it's the dis-ease in their soul. Practically everyone needs recovery of their heart from painful issues of the past or could benefit from gaining mastery over emotional turbulence in the present.

These pesky varmints of the spiritual life need to be rounded up and removed! How can we clear our hearts of these unwanted invaders? First, we need to know just what they are and where they come from. Then, we can more easily show them the door!

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