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Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


A Heart Set Free

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All scripture citations are from the English Standard Version (ESV) unless otherwise noted.

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Rescued from Hell: An Odyssey of Deception and Discovery

Rescued from Hell : Book by Steve Evans : AutobiographyThroughout history untold millions have tragically tumbled down the rabbit hole of insanity into the unsearchable depths of a shattered mind. Few have ever returned to tell about it. Part comical romp through the countercultural landscape of the 60s, part expos & eacute; of the "dark side of the force," Rescued from Hell is the bizarre tale of an unsuspecting spiritual voyager caught in a spider web of New Age "spirituality" and cocooned in a terrifying, soul-destroying nether land that lasted for a decade.

Was it an insane delusion or a satanic deception?

Paperback: $12.50. 190 pages. Kindle: $2.99


The Missing Peace: Recovering a Whole Life in a Broken World

The Missing Peace : Book by Steve Evans : Emotional RestorationThese 24 lessons from Healing Streams’ Matters of the Heart teaching series will show you how to bring your heart to God and how to receive His Heart for you. Where our inner state is concerned, there are two great assignments which are actually gracious invitations to experience the life Jesus died to give us: emotional recovery and emotional mastery.

Learn to live in a river of peace by carrying strongholds captive to Christ.

Paperback: $15.00. 194 pages. Kindle: $2.99


Matters of the Heart: A Workbook for Personal Transformation

Matters of the Heart : Book by Steve Evans : Restoration WorkbookWould you agree that your emotional state holds the key to your enjoyment of daily life, your ability to enjoy the Lord and be guided by Him, your physical health, your relationships, success in work and fruitfulness in ministry? Then set your heart "on pilgrimage" to discover the life Jesus died to give you and learn how you, too, can enter far more deeply into His peace than you could ever have imagined.

Learn how to bring your wounded heart to God and receive His glorious heart for you.

Paperback: $20.00. 276 pages. Kindle: $2.99


Jesus: An Intimate Portrait

Jesus: An Intimate Portrait

This book brings fresh perspectives on His Story, seeking to reveal the living, breathing divine Man so easily “hidden” by our familiarity with His works. Here is an invitation to fall more deeply in love with the One who loves you best. Let this intimate portrait reveal new ways to entwine His life with yours.May these unveilings stir you to passion and praise!

Discover Jesus in ways you have never envisioned Him before.

Paperback: $15.00. 212 pages. Kindle: $2.99.


Holy Spirit: Supernatural Power for Life and Ministry

Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit has been given to help us find that path where our two great purposes converge in fruitful service to others and joy-filled fellowship with our God. All along the way we are meant to experience adventures, delights and discoveries aided by our invisible Friend.

Discover who this Mystery Person is and how He desires to empower you for life and ministry.

Paperback: $15.00. 171 pages. Kindle: $2.99. Combines Ministry Basics with Knowing the Spirit.


The River of Peace Series

An Illustrated Guide to the Spiritual Life

An Illustrated Guide : Book by Steve Evans : Illustrated DevotionalThis Illustrated Guide was created for the general reader; it is also a perfect companion booklet for The Missing Peace: Recovering a Whole Life in a Broken World, which is a compilation of the lessons from Healing Streams’ Matters of the Heart, the seminar that "birthed" these images.

Let these 30 color illustrations help you "see" elusive, invisible realities of the spiritual life.

The River of Peace Series Vol. 1
Paperback: $17.50. 125 pages. Kindle: $2.99


Good Grief: The Sorrow that Heals

Good Grief: The Sorrow that Heals

Coming out soon!



The River of Peace Series Vol. 2
Paperback: $10.00. 56 pages. Kindle: $2.99


Salvation Basics: How to Get Saved and Stay Saved

Salvation Basics : Book by Steve Evans : Get Saved and Stay SavedIf there is a way to be saved, how foolish it would be to die without seeking it! And yet it is equally foolish to try living without the One who provides both hope and guarantee of rescue. Jesus Christ is not just the way to heaven, He is the only way to live a heavenly life down here. Salvation Basics brings answers to humanity's most pressing questions.

Would you like to become a lover of God? Then, first allow Jesus Christ to love you!

The Riveer of Peace Series Vol. 3
Paperback: $10.00. 118 pages. Kindle: $2.99


Ministry Basics: For Spirit Led Ministry

Ministry BasicsThere are two great adventures to this new life in Christ: Getting to know our God better and joining Him in the Rescue. We all get to play a part! Of course only Jesus can save people, but He delights in gifting us, training us and going out with us into our broken world.

Once you get these basics, you'll be excited and equipped to find you place in the Rescue.

The River of Peace Series, Vol. 4. Abridged from Holy Spirit.
Paperback: $10.00. 168 pages. Kindle: $2.99


Knowing God: The Three in One

Knowing God: The Three in One

Can God be known? It might surprise Him if you think the answer is no. He has given us His Word that, indeed, He can be known and be known in the most intimate and wonderful ways as loving Savior, powerful Lord, indwelling Presence and faithful Friend. But it gets even better because there is not just One of Him to get to know. Our God is Three Gods in One!

Embark on the life-long adventure of getting to know all Three.

The River of Peace Series, Vol. 5.
Paperback: $10.00. 168 pages. Kindle: $2.99


Knowing Jesus: A Spiritual Biography

Knowing Jesus: A Spiritual Biography

Do you know the God-Man? He is far and away the most wonderful Person in the universe to know. And He can be known! He can be known through the intimacy of revealed faith. Nevertheless, it is through the momentous events of His life that we see most deeply into the Mystery of who He is.

Explore these seven key moments in His incredible life.

The River of Peace Series, Vol. 6. Abridged from Jesus: An Intimate Portrait.
Paperback: $10.00. 168 pages. Kindle: $2.99


Knowing the Spirit: Our Mysterious Guest

Knowing the SpiritEver wonder just Who it is that you are "hosting" on the inside? We are on the hunt to discover all we can about our well-hidden Quarry. Fortunately, there are clues scattered all over scripture giving ways to track Him down, draw near and join hands with our perpetually present God.

If you want to be a great lover of God or helper to humanity, get to know the Spirit!

The River of Peace Series, Vol. 7. Abridged from Holy Spirit.
Paperback: $10.00. 147 pages. Kindle: $2.99.


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The River of Peace

The River of Peace
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