Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


Life Applications List

Receiving and Applying God's Healing Truths

This is where "the rubber meets the road” with practical applications of gospel truth to the conditions of daily life. These teachings companion the lessons set forth in "Matters of the Heart," our free eCourse for spiritual growth and emotional transformation. The 24 Main Healing Lessons from the course can be found in the downloads section in PDF and MP3 formats. They are also available in our Store as an ebook, a 176 page workbook and as CD and DVD sets of 24, 1/2 hour teachings.


Top Two - These Are a Must

Negative Emotions
We can learn to live as sovereigns over our feeling system.Truck on Rocky Road : Traction for Living : Spiritual Life

The Disciple's Cross
Two crosses save us--no life can be fully mended without both.

These You Won't Want to Miss

Contrasting the Head and the Heart
Why "head knowledge" alone can never be enough.

Conviction vs Condemnation
The difference between these two "voices" is like life and death.

Discerning Between Flesh and Spirits
Your flesh cannot be cast out, nor does it need to be.

Exploring the Spiritual Landscape
Embrace a Biblical world view and live in touch with these realities.

False Burden Bearing
It is easy to become overburdened, but deadly to be falsely burdened.

Forgive? Not Optional!
God is seeking a people after His own heart.

Good Grief
There is a right way to grieve and it is well worth discovering.

Hope for Hopeless Situations
There is always a way to hold on to hope and be lifted up by it.

Inner Vows and Bitter Root Judgments
Find freedom from this "invasion of innocence."

"Praying Through" to Peace
There really is a way to let go of our burdens!

Reconciliation with Others
Tips on how to live a life of restored relationships.

Retaining Healing and Deliverance
The enemy is coming to check you out--be prepared for battle.

The Snare of Introspection
Watch out for the subtle snare of self-salvation.

 Your Heart on Pilgrimage
Take these truths into daily life--and keep your freedom.


Interested in Going Deeper?

Consider taking our free eCourse for Healing. We have designed a complete series for personal transformation, "Matters of the Heart," to help Christians gain emotional freedom and inner healing. In all there are 24 Main Healing Lessons and 24 Head to Heart Guides to help you bring your heart to God and receive His Great Heart for you in return!

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The River of Peace

The River of Peace
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