Keep your heart with all
diligence, for out of it
spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


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7 Solid Reasons Why God Delights in You

You'll Never Guess Them All!

This article on 7 solid reasons why God delights in you is an introduction to 'Matters of the Heart,' our free eCourse for spiritual growth and emotional transformation. The 24 Main Healing Lessons from the course can be found in the downloads section in PDF and MP3 formats. They are also available in our Store as an ebook, a 176 page workbook and as CD and DVD sets of 24, 1/2 hour teachings.

God Delights in You!

What? How can He? I'm so weak at times, so full of fears and failures. I can't even delight in me! For many of us it is a stretch just to hope that God can forgive God Delights in You: Seven Solid Reasons Whyus. That He loves us, maybe. But that He delights in us? Impossible! Happily, if you believe in Jesus, you can rest assured that your God delights in you. Let these 7 solid reasons why God delights in you give wings to your faith! Your life in Christ will soar!

1) He Sees You As He Created You To Be. This is the first of three things about you which God can see but which are completely hidden from your eyes. Were you there when He dreamed you up? God saw you as someone He could love with all His considerable power and might. He waited eons to form you in your mother's womb. He didn't mess up His one chance to get it right! Before the sins of an unseen enemy against you began 'unmaking' you (sometimes with your cooperation!), God put His best into you.

2) He Sees You As You Will Be In Heaven. God is not restricted by the limits of time and space. He can see the future just as clearly as the past. If you are being saved by Him, He always sees who you will be in heaven. The person you will be in heaven--by the time His work is completed--will be someone both you and God desire you to become. You will be a being of grace and glory!

3) He Sees You As A New Creation. God not only sees the 'invisible' future, He sees the invisible interior. Somewhere deep inside of us He has placed a new heart, one that is entirely good. You already are a New Creation! You can't see that--it is still mostly veiled by our fallen ways. That's OK. You are not supposed to be gazing at your own loveliness! Keep your eyes on Him, trust Him, and the beauty side of your new life in Christ will spring forth.

4) He Never Forgets What Is At Stake. God can always take delight in knowing what He is saving us from. We may have a hard time imagining hell, but never for a moment does God lose sight of the ultimate danger all of His children face. It is, therefore, His eternal delight that you have said 'Yes!' to Jesus. He is free to rescue you and bring you home!

5) He Never Forgets What His Son Had To Suffer For You. Think about the gratitude that wells up in you whenever you touch base with what Jesus suffered for you. The Father feels it too! Jesus laid His life down so that the Father could regain you! No one 'owes' more to the Son than the Father. Because you have accepted Jesus' sacrifice, the Father delights that His Son's suffering was worth it in your life.

6) The Blood Of Jesus Truly Does Cover You. Whenever we catch sight of things about us that we can't condone or excuse, we may fear that God is Animated Truths: 7 Reasons Why God Delights in You!disappointed, or is losing patience, or is cooling off in affection for us. That just isn't true! You and I simply cannot sin a sin that hasn't already been fully atoned for! God delights that He is able to cover and cleanse us by the Blood of His Son.

7) He Loves His Work Of Saving You. This is a hard one to get. We often run out of patience with the 'hard cases' around us--whether difficult people or problem jobs. Have you noticed though, that there is always someone who likes doing the very thing you don't have patience or desire for? Our Father is like that! He loves the hard work of saving us. He loves teaching us. He loves helping us improve our attitude and our gratitude. He loves drawing the best out of us by putting His best in.

The bottom line to why God delights in us is that 'God is love.' That sums it up! Because He is love, He delights in doing everything necessary to rescue the ones that He loves. If it turns out that you have needed more love, patience, mercy and help than you ever imagined you would need, relax. He saw all that about you a long time ago and He still chose You to love!

Now that you know He delights in you,
you can take even more delight in Him!


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