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Head to Heart Guides for
Foundational Issues

These initial lessons lay the groundwork for a whole new way of living with our emotional life, a way that the gospel makes possible.  Use these exercises and extra insights to help your heart and mind shift from the old ways of living defeated by the flesh. They work—if you work them!

Heart Guide 1 for The Spiritual Roots of Disease     
Understanding the mind-body connection

Heart Guide 2 for Truth or Consequences           
Understanding God's justice system

Heart Guide 3 for Keys to the Kingdom
Understanding God's provision for your liberation

Heart Guide 4 for Kingdoms in Conflict
Understanding the battle for your soul          

Heart Guide 5 for Separation from Sin
Understanding how your Father sees you

Heart Guide 6 for Pathway of Temptation
Understanding how the problem comes in

Heart Guide 7 for Recognize and Replace
Understanding the way of return