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How to Take the eCourse

There are three main ways you can take this course:

1) Read Through 

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This is the quickest path. Read the 24 Main Healing Lessons ONLY. The focus is on revelation.

By reading only the Main Healing Lessons and their Summaries you can travel through the course at light speed! This will (God helping you) bring much illumination and insight. Knowing the truths about our emotional/spiritual life that we need to know is half the battle for our inward peace and freedom. To pursue this path, go to the next page and walk your mind one at a time through the 24 Main Healing Lessons that are listed there. The Main Healing Lessons are also listed in the left hand column on all the lesson pages.

2) Work Through

This is the most thorough—higly recommended! Read the 24 Main Healing Lessons PLUS work through all of the 24 Head to Heart Guides. The focus is on gaining both revelation AND impartation for enhanced transformation.

For this to produce maximum benefits you have to be willing to go at whatever pace the Holy Spirit selects as you take the lessons and the heart guides one at a time. To peruse this path simply follow the 'on course' buttons that are easy to spot near the bottom of each page. Don't even think about what's next and how to get there! Just let the buttons lead you as you focus your head and heart on going ever deeper into truth. The 'on course' buttons will lead you through every page of the course! The Main Healing Lessons and the Head to Heart Guides are also listed in the left hand column on all the lesson pages.

3) Pick and Choose

This is the most focused on your particular issue—recommended only for a quick start.

If you have come to the course with a specific issue or two just tearing you up, then you may want to begin by going straight to the Main Healing Lesson that speaks to those issues. You will find them all listed on the Main Healing Lesson page. Since you know that this issue represents a very real area of struggle in your life, don't just read the Main Lesson, be sure to also work through all of the 8 Head to Heart Guide sections that go with it in order to maximize the benefit. Then go on to the next lesson that speaks to your issues.

A word of caution however: There is a reason why there are 24 lessons and why they are arranged in the exact order you find them listed. Most people really need them all! They are arranged so that your understanding will follow a path that has no holes in it when it comes to what you will need to finally and fully gain both recovery and mastery over your emotional state! This is emotional healing made readily understandable, but it needs to be allowed by you to follow its own inner logic to make the most sense.

So if you just have to get straight to your issues, that's fine. But please return eventually to the start and don't leave anything out that the Lord could give you by taking the full course!

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