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Main Healing Lessons

All 24 Main Healing Lessons and their Head to Heart Guides of this eCourse will be helpful to the person seeking restoration and freedom. 

Emotional healing and restoration come to us as our thoughts and beliefs undergo transformation. Fasten your seatbelt! These teachings are designed to bring your understanding around to heaven's perspective on your life - using the Bible as our spectacles. And because of the way these truths deliver the heart from both emotional and spiritual stress, they often lead into plysical healing. 

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Foundational Issues 

These initial lessons lay the groundwork for all that needs to follow for true and lasting emotional healing to take place. Don't skip over them-- these aren't messages for beginners only!  Most long-time Christians discover truths here they wish they had known all along.

Lesson 1: The Spiritual Roots of Disease
Understanding the mind-body connection

Lesson 2: Truth or Consequences
Understanding God's justice system

Lesson 3: The Keys to the Kingdom
Understanding God's provision for your liberation  

Lesson 4: Kingdoms in Conflict
Understanding the battle for your soul

Lesson 5: Separation from Sin
Understanding how your Father sees you

Lesson 6: The Pathway of Temptation
Understanding how the problem comes in 

Lesson 7: Recognize and Replace!
Understanding the way of return

Life Application: Negative Emotions
Taking responsibility for our emotional life

Image Bearing

These crucial lessons provide the key to freedom as a new creation of the Lord. The core issue facing all of us is Who am I and Who is God. The image we carry deep in our heart in answer to these mega questions will determine our level of or lack of  peace, confidence and inward freedom.

Lesson 8: Beholding the True Image
Exploring the grace-filled way of transformation

Lesson 9: Our New Identity
Exploring who we are as new creations

Lesson 10: The Father's Heart of Love
Exploring what our Father God is really like

Overcoming Strongholds

Are you ready to fight to take your life back from the grip of negative emotions? These lessons will give you 'tools' for tearing down strongholds of the flesh that have bound or hindered your life.

Lesson 11: Strongholds
Overcoming strongholds of the flesh

Lesson 12: Reversing the Curse
Overcoming generational sin patterns and consequences

Lesson 13: The Power of Believing
Overcoming the stronghold of unbelief

Lesson 14: Discerning the Enemy
Overcoming the stronghold of accusation

Lesson 15: Freedom through Forgiving
Overcoming the stronghold of bitterness

Lesson 16: Mending the Broken Heart
Overcoming strongholds caused by trauma 

Lesson 17: Accepted in the Beloved
Overcoming the stronghold of rejection

Lesson 18: Love Thyself!
Overcoming the stronghold of self-rejection

Lesson 19: Godly Contentment
Overcoming the stronghold of envy and jealousy  

Lesson 20: Exposing the Darkness
Overcoming occult interference and oppression

Lesson 21: Fear Not!
Overcoming the stronghold of fear and anxiety

Lesson 22: No More Idols! 
Overcoming the stronghold of addictions and compulsions

Life Application: The Disciple's Cross
Supernatural empowerment for new life

The Journey Forward

As we gain the initial victories over the strongholds that have beset us, we become 'unstuck' and our lives begin to move forward now that we can trust and obey with renewed freedom. However, there is a battle around trust and another around guidance. By learning how to guard our hearts, we can experience new life in Christ as if we were floating in a river of peace or riding on the wings of the wind—in the times inbetween the battles!

Lesson 23: Spiritual Warfare 101
Learning to live entirely surrende red to the Lord—the battle of life   

Lesson 24: Walking in the Spirit
Learning to live gracefully guided by the Lord—the dance of life!   

Life Application: Retaining Healing and Deliverance
Guarding your heart against an invisible enemy

Interested in Going Deeper?

Be sure to explore all of the Head to Heart Guides! For further study and for help working these truths into your heart and life, 'work out' with exercises, discussion questions, review of main points, digging deeper, more scriptures, model prayers, renunciations/affirmations and practical steps of life application.