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Prayer Focus

Heart Guide for Lesson 1:
The Spiritual Roots of Disease

Are you willing to be H.O.T. for Jesus? Guarding the inward flame of our "first love" will mean that we have to live in an Honest, Open and Transparent way with the Lord and with others. Anything hidden "in the dark" of buried secrets becomes a weapon the enemy can and will use against us. Anything "brought to the light" will become suffused with light and life (Mk 4:22; Jn 3:21; 1Jn 1:7).

Father, in the course of these lessons enable me to be honest, open and transparent before You. Please help me to choose to deal with You and with anything You may want to bring up. Despite the pain I may have to work through, I am determined to break free of my past and truly learn how to live with Your peace established in my heart.

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