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Hey there! We are so glad that you've found our site. A lot of love and a ton of labor have gone into making this site enjoyable, insightful, even revelational for you (though that's definitely the Lord's part in this). Meeting all of you is a pleasure we're looking forward to heaven since we'll have time enough then with no obstacles coming in between. These are a few ways of getting to know more about us down here.

Follow this link to find out more about us in terms of who we are, what we believe and what our vision is.

Steve's Story Over half of my autobiography, Rescued from Hell, is posted here for free for two reasons: 1) You have a right to know about the one who is seeking to help you grow in the spiritual life so that you can better decide if you want to trust me as a teacher and 2) practically everything on the site first came into my life as a truth I needed for the sake of my own growth. There are, therefore, many points where my story carries a testimony that could help you gain insights or inspiration to overcome your own obstacles.

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