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The Mercy of the SonCecilia Tomko : Christian Songwriter, Composer, Singer

by Cecilia Tomko

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The Mercy of the Son

© Cecilia Tomko 2005

My heart is dark, my hands are stained

My righteousness looks like filthy rags

My feet have wandered far astray

Lost is the sweet innocence I had

      How can I dare to lift my face

      Up to your holy throne of grace

Still you say boldly I should come

Fall on the mercy of the Son

Unveil my heart, shine down Your light           

On hidden sin and on secret shame

Lord, You forgave, when You gave Your life

Nothing can torment my soul again

     You make me new, You make me clean

     When I am washed in Your healing stream

Redeeming blood, your work is done

All by the mercy of the Son

The goodness of Your Holy Word

Lord, I have tasted and now I know

My conscience clear, my hope secure

Salvation comes from You alone

     And when I see Your face of love

     I’ll finally know where I belong

My eager feet will surely run

Straight to the mercy of the Son.

Worship Video: Mercy of the Son by Cecilia

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