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Illustrated Truths

"Snapshots" of the Elusive,
Invisible Realities of the Spiritual Life

Since Jesus lauded a childlike entrance into His kingdom on earth, explore these simple images in the same spirit, looking to see if they might lead you "like a little child" beyond your present horizons of thought (Isaiah 11:6). Follow the links to see a full screen version of the illustration, complete with explanation, scriptures and a prayer for working the truth deeper into your heart. 

God's Sovereignty and Free Will : Our Choices and ConsequencesKeys to the Kingdom : Childlike Freedom : Peace and JoySpiritual Warfare : Spiritual Growth : Spiritual FoodReconnect to Jesus : Feeling Unplugged? Recognize/Replace

Beholding Jesus by Faith : Get the Look! Look to JesusImage Bearing : Vision of God : Our True HumanityTwo Hearts in One Believer : Old Man and New CreationGod Our Refuge : God Our Friend : Run to Home Base

Stronghold Protection : Emotional Walls : True SecurityInner Healing : Basic Discipleship : Fruit and RootsThe Power of Believing : Unbelief - The Silent KillerHope in Him : The Power of Believing : Joy and Peace

Power of Praise : Thanking God : The Pick Ax of PraiseSinner or Saved? Fallen or Forgiven? Which Reality? Guilt or Grace : Law or Mercy : Your Choice of CoveringsThe Steps to Forgiveness : Root of Bitterness

Freedom from Depression : Our of The Pit of DepressionFresh Start : Restored Life : Plans A, B and CRedeeming the Past : Restore! : Bring the Hammer DownGod's Acceptance of Us : Justified by Faith

Cults - Occult - New Age : The Occult CounterfeitOvercoming Addictions : One Addiction, Three LiesPromises of God : Love and Power : Sandwiched!Brokenness - Humility : Poseidon Adventure Living

25 The See Saw opt175Get Free of Shame : Radio Satan27 The Disconnect opt17528 Incarnation or Incarceration opt175

29 Take the Elevator opt17530 The Perfect Formula opt175

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