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These are the 24 main lessons in our teaching series, Matters of the Heart. Each 1/2 hour lesson is a complete message in itself, but they all go together to lead the understanding on a true pilgrimage of the heart.

Please feel free to make copies and share these teachings We want to see believers everywhere set free! Of course, if you prefer to have the entire set assembled by us, then visit the Store to purchase the teachings as a CD or DVD set. And we certainly appreciate donations that allow us to keep offering so much for free to those who can't afford it. (If you haven't yet taken our free eCourse for Healing, follow the link below for transformation and liberation.)

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Folder Radio Talk Show - Audio Recordings

Rev. Steve Evans and Angela McCurdy discuss the ways that the stress of negative emotions impacts our health through the mind-body connection—and what we can do about it! (Follow the photo link to see the TV talk show at YouTube.)

Matters of the Heart Talk Show





Folder Worship Songs

You will absolutely love this worship song written for our ministry in 2005 by Cecilia Tomko. Available for free download in instrumental and sung versions. (Follow the photo link to read the lyrics.)

Cecilia Tomko





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