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Heart Guide for Lesson 23:
Spiritual Warfare 101

Head bobs and nodding heads won't do. God's promise of redemption (Romans 8:28) is so strong that everyone gives it a head bob. But many of the same folks shake their heads in utter disbelief when something disastrous happens to them - absolutely convinced 'permanent damage' is being done.

This exercise is not meant to minimize at all the grievousness of the suffering and harm sin does, but to magnify the goodness, love and power of our God in overturning even gigantic evils - and to grow our eyes to see the Father's Hands. See what you know of the following evils. What good things eventually came about as (largely unforeseen) outcomes?

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ (this one should be easy!)

British oppression of the American colonies

The cruelty of slavery in the American South

The Chicago fire

NYC garment district fire

Bombing of Pearl Harbor

WWII as a whole

Hitler's attempt to destroy European Jews

FDR's polio

Beethoven's deafness

The demolition of Penn Station in New York

Yes, there are some things on the list that you may not know about or know enough about to have traced the outline of redemption in history. That is the point. We tend to remember the tragedy as an unmitigated tragedy only. Then, years later, as the overturning work of God begins to manifest on the earth, few are they who connect the dots—and give God credit. Let's be ones who do.

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