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Renunciations and Affirmations

Heart Guide for Lesson 23:
Spiritual Warfare 101

Renounce any agreements with untruth; believe Jesus truth as your new way of life. (John 14:6)

Repent and renounce any disbelief in the work of His Hands:

Father, I confess that in many ways I have not believed the Magnificent Promise of redemption. Forgive my unbelief and break its power over me. I utterly renounce that view of my world and Your universe and I choose by an act of my will to believe that the truth really is that a greater good will always come out of everything that goes wrong - because You love us enough to promise it. I rest my heart upon Your Word and turn in hope filled expectations of good things to come. Make me alert to run to You and reach for this sword whenever the devil tries to tempt me to doubt the work of Your Hands!

Repent and renounce any disbelief in the revelation of His Face:

Father, I confess that in many ways I have not believed that You are as loving and merciful as Jesus. Like Adam I have hidden in shame. Like the prodigal I have been slow to return, fearing I would have to work my way back into Your good graces. Thank You for never being angry with me even over my unbelief in You. Thank You that whenever I look to Jesus and see what He is like, I can also look through Him to see You smiling my way. Forgive me and break the power of unbelief and anything else that is keeping me from running home to You. I rest my heart fully on the love I see in Yours. Alert me whenever I begin to lose sight of Your Face.

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