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Testimonies of Healing

And they overcame him [the dragom] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Revelation 12:11-12 NKJV

Short Stories of Grace and Freedom

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Rescued by Love
There is a GREAT LOVE seeking you, waiting on you and wanting to rescue you.

Healings and So Much More
Pain and self-rejection can damage our bodies, but there is a way out.

Healings People Have Reported at Our SchoolsTestimonies of Healing

From Chronic Fatigue, breathing problems
From Lupus and years of hurt, bitterness and pain
From years of depression
From fear, rejection and other emotional distresses
From high blood pressure
From TMJ, high blood pressure, back pain
From gastro-intestinal disorders
From migraine headaches
From panic attacks
From suicidal thoughts and “voices”
From severe pain all over the body
From Fibro-myalgia, sleeplessness
From arthritis in the hands, knees and feet
From the trauma, shame and pain of rape, molestation and sexual abuse
From extreme guilt, shame and self-blame over past mistakes and sins
From hatred, rage over physical abuse or attacks
From arthritis pain, inability to use one hand
From years of carrying un-mended grief
A restoration of child-like joy and wonder
The return of their first love for the Lord Jesus
A revelation of the Father’s love
Set free to pursue their ministry callings
Courage to teach and speak in public
Tools for working with their negative emotions
Greater peace and freedom in daily living

Liberating Encounters from Across the Seas 

         Froma seminars in Bangor, Northern Ireland

         Testimonies of Bangor Conference

Praise Reports in their Own Words

Note: The reason testimonies are dated because in 2012 we shifted from doing local seminars (for fees) to putting everything on the web and giving it away for free.

When I came to Healing Streams, there was an area in my life like a pair of shoes that were tied together by their shoelaces. One shoelace was the root issue and the other was the bad fruit. Somewhere in the middle of the forgiveness prayers, I felt it untie and drift away and I immedi8ately felt more peace in that area. I used to struggle with feeling a certain void inside and craving affection, acceptance and security that people couldn’t satisfy. Now I can receive from God that inner comfort. When I feel those feelings it is easier for me now to come and sit in His Presence and really have a greater sense that He is with me and receive His affection.
     L (12/15/12)

I forgave the person and gave it to Jesus. Jesus turned and opened the prison door of the person I forgave. I turned and left and walked out of my own prison and walked into light. (Received in a vision.)
     D (2/16/09)

A hand reaches to pull up a black root. I see that it is a snake! The root of bitterness is a demon spirit! (Received in a vision.)
     E (2/16/09)

I have always said the best year of my life was 23 years ago when I joined AA. Now I have a “match”—AA and attending Healing Streams. The best year and best week of my life. It is never too late!
     M (2/13/09)

For the first time in my entire life I feel pretty inside and I am not afraid to let my talents show forth. These teachings have given me the keys to opening the doors to the inner, spiritual, peaceful, confident in Christ me!
     R (2/13/09)

Healing Streams has shown me how I was not giving Him completely of myself; that no matter what, God still loves me. During my time here I was also healed from allergies due to cats. “They” would always trigger my asthma, itchy eye and sneezing. Now I am healed.
     D (2/13/09)

A Summary of Recent Healings

We continue to see people coming in with tremendous conflict within themselves over identity issues. I’m not sure that most of them would even be able to say up front that this is where the problem lies. Usually they are seeing pain or problems in other ways. But the identity issues become very apparent to them as the course progresses through the week.

The two things that most deeply affect all of us are: who am I really? Am I somebody I am glad to be? Or am I a problem to myself in significant ways? Many come to us locked in to deep levels of self-rejection, even self-hatred—and this can show up in a variety of illnesses.

The other identity issue is: what is my God really like? Now almost all that come into this ministry (so far) are Christians—so you might think that this one is settled. By no means! It is apparently not enough for any of us that we know Jesus—we may still be deeply unsettled in knowing what the Father is like. For instance, I may know that Jesus is sympathetic to me and loves me, but I can still be wondering how the Father can be pleased with me—with all the failures, all the weaknesses, all the complaints that my inner life is capable of. At the Last Supper Phillip entreated Jesus to show him the Father—it was “all that I ask.” So it is to this day.

I love seeing people get breakthroughs in both these areas! In fact one can hardly get a victory in one without getting it with the other: for how can I accept myself I’m not 100% sure the Father does; and how can I believe in the Father’s love for me if my heart is full of bitterness towards myself? What a privilege to help people find their way to His freedom!


Here is a strange, funny testimony about forgiving cats!

God Is a Surprise: Forgiving Cats

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