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A Challenge to Go All Out

You'll Need this to Go the Distance

This teaching on contrasting the head and heart is a practical application that companions the lessons set forth in "Matters of the Heart," our free eCourse for spiritual growth and emotional transformation.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you have what it takes to live your life with a heart on fire for God? Every Christian at new birth needs and gets the starter kit: faith in Christ and the Bible. But Woman Runner at Starting Line - Do you have what it takes?the starter kit doesn't keep the fires burning after the honeymoon is over. Do you have what it takes to stay on fire with a great love for Jesus?  

It takes two things that every Christian has and no Christian wants. What are they? A sin nature as deep and dark as hell itself and a world of troubles! 

1. Steady Access to Mercy

According to Jesus those who are forgiven much love much, so it is helpful that we realize afresh each day the reality of our depravity so that we can reap the enjoyment of His mercy being made new to us every morning! The truth is that every temptation to sin and every glance at the ruin of the self-life apart from God can be a spring board which sails us up into the heavenlies in heartfelt appreciation for the love and mercy that covers us every instant of our lives.

The ones who know that their sinfulness and weaknesses are incorrigible and without excuse are actually set free to live a life of grace supported by grace alone -- if they do the work of believing that His mercy and love are as good as He says they are.

2. Steady Access to Help

Likewise, we all need troubles to free us from seeking to be our own savior and bring us into a place where we fully trust His power at work. But for this we need troubles that are too big (in our own eyes) for us to handle -- otherwise we will keep on stressing ourselves trying to manage our own lives in our own strength.

The ones who know that their troubles are way beyond their abilities are finally set free to live a life of grace, confidently supported by His unfailing guidance power and promises.

Nobody said that these are "gifts" that you are going to want to have. Who wants to be so desperately sinful that calling on God for mercy (often) is necessary Nobody wants to be so weak and foolish that calling on God for help (often) is the only way that they can get through daily life. But if this is you (and since it really is all of us), why not relax and accept it that you need God as much as you do and rejoice that He has everything you need. Then really get happy that at least your tremendous need is keeping you connected to the Source of Life.

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