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Heart Guide for Lesson 21:
Fear Not

Fear is such a prevalent enemy and it can take so many forms. Not everyone has known what it is like to live with dread, panic or phobias. On the other hand, anxiety and worry are like the common cold and flu bugs of the spiritual life. We never tire in winter of swapping knowledge about our favorite remedies, so take some time now to go over what works for you.

What do you do when you are afraid? Who do you call? Where do you go?

What “natural remedies” work best? Example: turning on the lights or a TV at night.

What “spiritual remedies” work best?

Are there times when running away from what you fear is wisdom?

How about the other times? Has fear ever backed you into a corner?

What fears have you fought through to final victory?

What fear has paralyzed you? How could you prepare if you were to meet it again?

Have you ever applied the 8 R’s? Ever thought to apply them? Why not?

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