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Main Points

Heart Guide for Lesson 21:
Fear Not

Carefully review these main points, making sure you understand them and can see how they might apply to your life. Ask the Lord to help you believe and live by His perspective on your reality.

1) Fear in any of its forms is the cause of many illnesses.

2) Fear is sin (confess it as such) and fear is an evil spirit (resist it).

3) Fear blocks power, love and a sound mind. You can't have it both ways!

4) Fear and faith are opposites. Both are 'magnets' for what we focus upon.

5) Fear is rooted in distrust of God and unbelief in His Word.

6) Fear actually works to bring what you fear upon you!

7) The best time to defeat fear is the first moment you discern it.

8) Faith in the perfect love of the Father casts out fear and establishes our heart as we trust His promises to us.

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