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Heart Guide for Lesson 21:
Fear Not

Job lamented that what he feared came upon him anyway (Job 3:25). Sometimes we act as if holding on to a fear will protect us. Sometimes we just bury our head and pretend it is not out there. A better way is to ask the fruitful question: What am I really afraid of? Then hold that deepest fear up to the Light of Christ until you find something in Him that answers it.

For instance: What is the worst thing that could happen to you? That you would die? Well, in that case you would go to heaven. So why are you so afraid? Or is it that you would lose a loved one? God forbid that it should happen, but if it did, Jesus would be right there to comfort you and lead you (if you let Him) to the other side of grieving where you would experience a resurrection of your life on earth. On the other hand, living in fear of losing someone will rob you of your life on earth now. See how this works?  Make it work for you!

The thing I greatly fear

What I need to see in Jesus to let that fear go

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