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Prayer Focus

Heart Guide for Lesson 21:
Fear Not

It is actually an act of faith-fullness to confess our fears as unbelief and sin. Our Father loves an honest conversation, even if it is about our failings. Naming fear as sin begins the process of repentance and restoration to trust. As we do we enter into fellowship with the Father about the truth of our situation.

The problem is not with God in what He has allowed. It is with our inability or unwillingness to trust Him with it. Now that we are talking it over with Him, we can draw strength from our relationship. So let us go boldly to the throne of grace and obtain mercy, then re-discover and receive His grace to help us in our time of need (Hebrews 4:16).

Father, help me to remember to come running home to You whenever I fall into the arms of my enemy and find myself in the pigsty of fear in the future. I pray that You will grant me boldness to always know that I can come into Your presence no matter how fear-filled I happen to be. Help me to draw my strength from believing in Your love and power.

The following is a sample prayer for resisting an attack of fear. Don't panic if you can't remember it the way it is here - He knows your heart! Pray it the way the Holy Spirit helps you to remember.

Father, forgive me for falling into fear again. Thank You that I can come boldly into Your presence and ask You to cleanse me of this iniquity. Thank You that You love me and want to fellowship with me even now. Thank You that You have made great plans for how to help me and that even this situation will be made to work for my good. I ask You to send Jesus for my deliverance and to meet me with peace and power by Your Spirit right where I am, as I am, and lead me forward. Strengthen me to hold on to You as I resist fear and watch for Your final victory to arrive.

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