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Folder 9.3. Our Books (8 PDFs)

These previews include the preface and first chapter of our books. (The book cover link takes you to the website section showing all our books, including the most recent.)

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pdf Look Inside - An Illustrated Guide Popular

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LIB.An Illustrated Guide.pdf

Look Inside - An Illustrated Guide

Almost all of this collection grew out of sketches first drawn on dry-erase marker boards during seminar sessions in a playful attempt to convey the truths under discussion. May they help you "see" the elusive, invisible realities of the spiritual life.

An Illustrated Guide

pdf Look Inside - Holy Spirit Popular

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LIB.Holy Spirit.pdf

The Holy Spirit has been given to help us find that path where our two great purposes converge in fruitful service to others and joy-filled fellowship with our God. Discover who this Mystery Person is and how He desires to empower you for life and ministry.

Holy Spirit

pdf Look Inside - Knowing the Spirit Popular

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LIB.Knowing the Spirit.pdf

Ever wonder just Who it is that you are "hosting" on the inside? Fortunately, there are clues scattered all over scripture giving ways to track Him down, draw near for intimacy, and join hands in loving service with our perpetually present God.

Knowing the Spirit

pdf Look Inside - Matters of the Heart Popular

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LIB.Matters of the Heart.pdf

Look Inside - Matters of the Heart

Set your heart “on pilgrimage” to discover the life Jesus died to give you and learn to enter far more deeply into His peace than you could ever have imagined, by bringing your wounded heart to God and receiving His glorious heart for you.

Matters of the Heart

pdf Look Inside - Ministry Basics Popular

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LIB.Ministry Basics.pdf

There are two great adventures to this new life in Christ: Getting to know our God better and joining Him in the Rescue. We all get to play a part! Once you get these basics, you'll be excited and equipped to find you place in the Rescue.

Ministry Basics

pdf Look Inside - Rescued from Hell Popular

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LIB.Rescued from Hell.pdf

Look Inside - Rescued from Hell

Part comical romp through the countercultural landscape of the 60s, part expose' of the "dark side of the force," Rescued from Hell is the bizarre tale of an unsuspecting spiritual voyager caught in a spider web. Was it an insane delusion or a satanic deception?

Rescued from Hell

pdf Look Inside - Salvation Basics Popular

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LIB.Salvation Basics.pdf

If there is a way to be saved, how foolish it would be to die without seeking it! And yet, Jesus Christ is not only the way to heaven, He is the only way to live a heavenly life down here. Salvation Basics brings answers to humanity’s most pressing questions.

Salvation Basics

pdf Look Inside - The Missing Peace Popular

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LIB.The Missing Peace.pdf

Look Inside - The Missing Peace

In terms of our inner state, there are two assignments which are gracious invitations to experience the life Jesus died to give us: emotional recovery and emotional mastery. Learn to live in a river of peace by carrying strongholds captive to Christ.

The Missing Peace

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