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Folder 5. Prayers for Healing

There are so many different ways to pray for healing. The Lord is serious about wanting to teach us how to do what He did and He is just as eager and willing to heal us now as He did then. The only difference is that now, He mostly wants to work through us!

Praying Hands on Bible : Biblical Prayers for Healing


pdf 1. Prayers for Healing (21-page eBook) Popular

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HP.Prayers for Healing eBook.pdf

This 21-page eBook contains all of the teachings on the five main ways to pray for healing.

pdf 2. Five Ways to Pray for Healing Popular

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HP.1-Five Ways to Pray.pdf

There are at least five main ways of praying for healing. It is the Lord Himself who gives us these ways and who modeled them for us when He walked the earth.

Praying Hands on Bible : Biblical Prayers for Healing

pdf 3. Petitioning Prayer Popular

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HP.2-Petitioning Prayer.pdf

Asking God for healing is always right. It hardly needs to be taught, though there is an art to learning how to release prayers of petition with expectant, believing faith.

Girl in Prayer : Biblical Prayers for Healing : Petitioning

pdf 4. Prevailing Prayer Popular

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HP.3-Prevailing Prayer.pdf

Prevailing prayer is more than persevering with petitions for healing. Sometimes we have to press past an apparent indifference or resistance that seems to be in God.

Man Against Wind : Biblical Prayers for Healing : Prevailing

pdf 5. Rebuking Prayer Popular

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HP.4-Rebuking Prayer.pdf

Many physical sicknesses and emotional disorders were healed by either Jesus or His followers rebuking the spirits that were causing the illness. We get to do this too!

Prayers for Healing: Rebuking Prayer

pdf 6. Commanding Prayer Popular

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HP.5-Commanding Prayer.pdf

Just as we are authorized to command the invisible spirits, we are also invited to command the natural realm. We command disease to leave and miracles to come.

Jesus Commands a Storm : Biblical Prayers for Healing

pdf 7. Submitting Prayer Popular

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HP.6-Submitting Prayer.pdf

Our final place to stand is in the position of entire surrender to His sovereign will. When you have done all, stand. Jesus showed us this powerful passage through the cross.

Yielded to God : Biblical Prayers for Healing : Surrendering

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