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Folder 7. Ministry to Others

Helping others is a high calling and a serious responsibility, but most of all it is great, good fun! These articles give guidelines and suggestions for doing it. (Follow the photo link to a treasure trove of articles on how to do Spirit-filled and Spirit-led ministry.)

Ministry to Others: Footwashing





Folder 1. Preparing for Ministry

Ministry doesn't require a doctorate: for most things all you need is a heart and the willingness to jump into that sea of human need, lostness, and misery which surrounds you. But since you will be "tested" on the job concerning these basics, why not take a little time to prepare? (The photo link takes you to this section of our website.)

Preparing for Ministry

Folder 2. Doing Ministry

There’s nothing like doing the thing, especially when what we are doing is something we can be sure that Jesus is doing right along with us. The secret to kingdom success is letting the Lord do ministry through you. It is also the secret to never becoming burned out. (Follow the photo link to this area of our website.)

Doing Ministry


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Mother, Father Repentance and Blessing

In our seminars the leader(s) would read these statements over the people as a form of identificational repentance, imaginatively done on behalf of the parents. The idea here is to create an environment where forgiveness can be released.

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Teacher's Guide

These guides give you a little bit of everything involved in teaching the lessons and doing prayer ministry along with them. Everything, except common sense, compassion and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Be sure your supply of those three is well-stocked!

We offer an Awakened Bride full preparations for Life, Love and Ministry. Explore our websites!