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Folder 6. Scriptures for Healing

The scriptures reveal what our Lord wants us to know about His desire and ability to heal us. They also teach us ways that we can participate with Him in our own healing, especially through prayer, but also through life-stye. In addition, they supernaturally build our faith which is the main avenue through which heaven's power operates in the earth realm.

Bible with Heart



pdf 1. Scriptures for Healing (48-page eBook) Popular

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SH.7-Scriptures for Healing eBook.pdf

This free 48-page eBook is fully hyperlinked and filled with insights straight from the examples of the best healing prayers and prayer warriors ever recorded.

Gifted with the Ransom

pdf 2. Foundational Truths in Scripture Popular

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SH.1-Foundational Truths.pdf

The scriptures build our faith to believe for what God desires to do in the present - even through our prayers. It is essential that we feed our faith with God's Word.

Open Bible : Scriptures on Healing

pdf 3. Old Testament Healing Scriptures Popular

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SH.2-Old Testament Scriptures.pdf

In the Old Testament period God "set the stage" for what He would do later in greater measure through Christ. He revealed His ability and willingness to save and heal.

Naman Is Healed : Scriptures on Healing : Old Testament

pdf 4. Scriptures of Jesus in Action Popular

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SH.3-Jesus in Action Scriptures.pdf

As our Example we can try to imitate His healing ways by "copying" the outward ways that He ministered, or from the inside by seeking to adopt His same internal stance.

Jesus Healing : Scriptures on Healing : Jesus in Action

pdf 5. Scriptures of the Disciples in Action Popular

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SH.4-The Disciples Scriptures.pdf

The disciples are the close circle of Jesus' hand-picked followers. We see their successes and their failures. This is certainly intended to encourage us. May we learn from both.

Disciples with Jesus : Scriptures on Healing : The Disciples

pdf 6. Scriptures of the Apostles in Action Popular

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SH.5-The Apostles Scriptures.pdf

After the resurrection of Jesus, His close followers are no longer called disciples. They have become the apostles, the 'sent ones' who carry out His healing ministry.

Apostle Teaching

pdf 7. Scriptures for Us in Action Popular

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SH.6-The Church Age Scriptures.pdf

We are the Church -- the ecclesia, the called-out ones. Jesus equips us with powerful gifts for awesome responsibilities. One is to carry on Jesu's ministry of healing.

Prayer Group : Scriptures for Healing : The Church Today

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