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pdf April 2012 eNews Popular

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pdf August 2012 eNews Popular

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December 2012 eNews

This is our December 2012 eNewsletter with all three articles pointing up the wonderful way that God lifts us into new life as we embrace a living faith in His promises.

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November 2012 eNews

This is our November 2012 eNewsletter with artilcles pursuing the theme of God's pursuit of us!

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October 2012 eNews

This is our October 2012 eNewsletter which includes an article on the common (spiritual) cold and others just for grins and groans.

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Special Edition eNews September 2012

This Special Edition unveils two just-published books: Rescued from Hell--a truly unbelievable true story and An Illustrated Guide to the Spiritual Life--which illustrates the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

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